Private lessons are offered in my home studio on a half-hour or one hour time slot. Music for lessons is based on studies and etudes for scale practice and related skills, pupil/teacher duets for reading and intonation, solos for flute alone and with piano accompaniment to provide performance skills and build repertoire, and new music to develop sight-reading skills.

Students supply a notebook to record the lesson assignments and bring it to each lesson for follow-up and receive the new assignment. Practicing is an individual matter, but should be on a regular basis to promote steady and continued progress.

Recitals (referred to as Flute Fests) are performed in my home on a scheduled basis to provide incentive, foster musicianship, promote stage presence, give the opportunity to hear others perform, and entertain family and friends.

Pupils are encouraged to perform in school concerts and church services. Preparation is offered to pupils who are auditioning for all-Shore and Region Band tryouts.

Younger students are invited to join The Junior Flute Choir, with six rehearsals followed by concerts at area convalescent homes during the spring and early summer. High school age students may qualify for The Festive Flutes semi-professional flute choir, which I founded and direct. Eligibility depends on a good sense of timing, good sight-reading ability, and a general overall sense of good musicianship. To learn more about The Festive Flutes, go to the website www.festiveflutes.com.

Music can add a beautiful enrichment to your life providing pleasure and enjoyment for yourself and others. We will work toward that goal.